July 24, 2017

Sky high with sky liner in Luxembourg

As much as it changed, and it did, Luxembourg still doesn't offer enough things to do for people like me. After, I've checked all the museums, some more than once, I've eaten in all the good restaurants and had coffee in all the hip cafes, I am left with wondering the streets, meeting friends in Grund or Old Town and an occasional concert or street fair. But there are weekends when there is still nothing to do in Luxembourg. For those weekends, I recommend the Sky Liner present in Luxembourg until August 22nd, if I'm not mistaken. 
My only advice is to try it on a sunny day, because even if you can experience it just fine on a rainy day, your pictures will look like mines, not clear.
Still, I got an unique chance to remind myself just how small Luxembourg City really is and how green at the same time. A pretty little town which handles us all!
Green as long as the eye can see 
See how close Kirschberg really is from city centre? 
Green again :) 
About at the same level as Gelle Fra/The golden lady 
Extraterrestrials are in town
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P.S. The trip is just 7 euros and it lasts about 7 minutes

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