July 14, 2017

Italian holiday from Luxembourg

It takes about 6 to 7 hours, by car, to reach Northern Italy from Luxembourg or you could fly to one of the many airports in that region and start your Italian Holiday at the lakes. If you are flying there I would recommend to rent a car cause there are so many small towns to enjoy and why not Instagram. I do have to tell you though  that the roads are a little bit narrow and dangerous sometimes, but drive as slow as you need, cause everyone is in the same place and no one will rush you.
That being said, I've spent a week travelling around the lakes in Northern Italy and I really liked it. I went first to Lake Maggiore and then to Lake Como and in between I've managed to visit Turin and Milan and Bergamo.
Italy is one country everyone should have on their bucket list and going to Northern Italy is possible from Luxembourg, by car. Here are my pictures from the trip:

Lake Maggiore
I loved the balconies with flowers, we had one at the hotel and I spent a lot of time there
Yellow houses in a small town called Orta San Giulio
On one of the three isles on the Maggiore Lake
Duomo di Milano
Isola Bella
A small island on Orta lake
Last time on Maggiore Lake
Canoeing on Como Lake
Lovely small town on Lake Como
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