July 5, 2017

Romania - Bucharest - Village Museum - New wing and a donkey

If you ever go to Bucharest, you have to visit the Village Museum and even the Peasant Museum. And if you are passionate about ethnographic museums as I am, I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed. The two museums are very different so if you manage to visit both you will learn a lot about Romanians, their culture, their way of life, their traditions and everything.
As the Peasant Museum was closed when I went to Bucharest, I will post just one picture from its shop. Even the shop is a museum on itself, so do go there and see it.
The Village Museum in Bucharest is one of my favourites in Europe. It consists of houses which were brought brick by crick from Roumania's villages and reconstructed within the museum. I've even heard that when it was first opened, the museum was even inhabited. That leaves place for a lot of questions, but I don't know if the story is true or not.
The houses in the Village Museum are placed as they would be in a real village, but they come from all the regions of Romania. Since I've last visited, the museum gained a new wing with more than 20 new houses and now it hosts live animals. 
The houses in the new wing are more of service houses, such as the house of the people who take care of the forest, the house of the shepherds and so on.
Just a week before I went to visit the museum, I've read a story about the donkey escaping the museum and wondering on a main boulevard in Bucharest. He is funny and so gentle, I hope he has a good life in the museum.

All in all the new wing brings the third church to the museum, about 20 new houses and live animals, so even if you are familiar with the museum, it's worth another visit. If you go there on a weekend close to a religious celebration you might even find a market with peasant merchandise. I love the markets at the Village Museum in Bucharest!
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