September 27, 2021

Luxembourg - We might not have so many rainbows, but we have gorgeous sunsets

Linked with one of the previous posts, the one with the LetzBingo, where I've said it is very hard, if not impossible to catch a rainbow in Luxembourg, well going into the sunset (another box in the game) should be an easy thing. That is because we do have gorgeous sunsets here and I've got a tone of photos showing just that.

They are from all seasons, from all over the place, in towns, in the fields, in my back garden, Spring, Summer, Winter, you name it. Even on gloomy days, somehow the sun manages to show its face just so it can set.

I wanted this to be on the blog, because lately I take a lot of random photos and I'm not using them anywhere, I'm not giving them a second look back, they just sit in my phone. To me, they are lovely and they deserve a show. So here you have it, sunset pictures from Arlonia.

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