September 6, 2021

Luxembourg - Small weekend discoveries

We are in that stage of life where we only live for weekends. To me, the week passes very quickly, but come Friday I desperately look for things to do in the weekend so it will last me for the whole next week. Especially, as Saturday is half lost with grocery shopping, I need my Sundays to be filled with stuff to do.

So, if you are like me, my advice would be to look in your vicinity, look to the exhibitions your local museum is hosting, dare to check that sign on your road to work or to the supermarket, pointing to something you think you checked, but actually didn't. 

I did just that and here is what I have discovered:

I have told you numerous times about the exhibitions at Le Palais in Arlon (here and here at least) so one day I've passed the building and I saw they were preparing for a new exhibit. A few days later, I went with Ilinca prepared to not find anything worth longer than the patience of a toddler, but discovered a young artist, who lives nearby in Messancy, and who creates amazing works of art, lace sculpted in wood. Yes, it is very intricate and he must have a lot, but a lot of patience. First of all, the exhibition was organised by Osmoz'art, a group of artists from the Art Academy in Arlon. There were the works of art of twelve people, paintings mostly, but also sculpture and experiments with different mediums. The exhibition was on for just one week, in August 2021. To me, the embroidery and hand made passionate, the sculptures of Julien Feller were the real discovery. 

Another day, while driving to dm in Germany, we saw a sign leading to a Roman villa and mosaic. I thought my husband checked all the Roman vestiges in the area and I've asked how was the mosaic, thinking it is maybe a ruin of a square meter thing not worth my time. He said he did not remember any mosaic so we turned the car and went to check it out. Lo and behold, we discovered a mosaic as long as my back garden, almost intact, or restored anyway, and the ruins of a Roman Villa. Something I encourage you to visit if you live in Luxembourg and do your dm shopping in Perl. The villa and the mosaic are in Nennig, not to be confused with the Roman Villa Borg which is also close. 

If you like books and you go to Luxembourg City often, maybe you will profit from the outdoor library they opened close to the National Library. To me looking at the window, now, this seems a bit pointless, as it is the rainiest Summer to date, but a good book can transport you to another world, right? Also the organisers have planned lectures by known authors and have games and puzzles for children, so do check that thing up. First thing to know, it is on the back of the library, so if you come from Knuedler, down the stairs at Bierger Centre you cannot miss it, from the cathedral, just come to the Town Hall or see the next picture.

Although it has clear instructions in English, I haven't seen any book in English in this pocket library, but they mast have some. So check that out for me, too.

I know this Summer is more of an Autumn, cold and rainy, the lavender is lost, my tomatoes are lost, my carnations are hanging by a thread and only my roses seem to like this weather, I can count on my fingers the times we eat outside or had a bbq, but these small discoveries managed to put a smile on my face and that is all about isn't it?

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