May 3, 2021

Belgium - Two interesting exhibitions at Le Palais in Arlon

 I had to look long and hard what is this Palace in Arlon and why it is a palace? Le Palais is the Palace. It seems that the info is missing in English, or they are not interested in sharing a history of the place. It is called the Old Palace of Justice and I've found that it was acquired by the city of Arlon in 2009 and restored, so from here I deduce that it was sort of a courthouse until they transformed it into an exhibition centre where they occasionally organise events and which can be rented if someone wants it. 

So, Le Palais in Arlon is a three floor exhibition place where I was pleasantly surprised to visit very good exhibitions such as the ones dedicated to Toulouse Lautrec, Marc Chagall, Claude Monet, Pop culture with Andy Warhol and others I can't remember right now. 

These days there are two exhibitions at Le Palais and they both are free entry, so no reason as to not make the trip to Arlon to check them out. One of the exhibitions is dedicated to Belgian cartoonist Pierre Kroll and the other is an exhibition centred on Upcycling which is reusing materials in a creative form. 

The Pierre Kroll exhibition I advise you to take your time to visit and read all the jokes and understand all the fine punchlines. With themes such as pollution or climate change, as well as lockdown and pandemic, the artists makes it as joke out of very important and contemporary themes and makes you reflect. Born in Congo in 1958, Kroll is known for his daily drawings in Le Soir and weekly in Cine-Tele-Revue as well as for his annually published collection of drawings. I also think you can purchase last year's collection at Le Palais. As I understand he is known for some penguins which made it into an app and which guide you through the exhibition. May 30 is the last day you could visit this exhibition.

The Upcycling exhibits the artworks of several artists, all members of Art in Mov Gallery in Arlon a mix between an online art gallery and an e-shop selling African art. I personally liked the atypical musical instruments made of anything one can think off and the embroidery art made of recycled or upcycled clothes. This exhibition can be visited until 16th of May.

Some corona related measures: please know that you can book your visiting slot online, the exhibitions have a well marked way of visiting and that you are required to wear a mask at all times. 

Of course we went to visit the exhibitions with Ilinca. She is such a good child, although not very impressed by the exhibited items, she is happy when we are happy. 
Kroll explains here the penguin theme. It seems that his parents got him a penguin when he was little, which he named Alfred and it was different for all the other toys children would have on that time. Don't know if that is Alfred exactly or some other toy penguin.
A cartoon I could relate to. I don't like the Belgian seaside because of the big buildings build practically on the beach and the lack of an architectural style. Of course Kroll's drawing had a different theme, the pollution, but he very well surprised this other aspect of the transforming seaside.
A sculpture made of bike chains and bike parts
A painting made of aluminium cans placed in the shape of Luxembourg, there were as well Belgium and France
The paintings of embroidery and upcycled jeans.
I'm so sorry I couldn't remember the names of the artists, but I found on the exhibition info that they are: Nathalie Houlmont, Shirley Dewilde, Catherine Boons, Maxime Doffagne, Laurent Clinquart, Jean-Marie Boons, Benoît Doensen. Also in the Upcycling exhibitions all items were for sale so if you fancy some interesting contemporary art, do visit the exhibition at Le Palais in Arlon.
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