April 26, 2021

Luxembourg - Corona Times - Biodiversum Remich

 I know I'm probably the only paranoid person in my area, but I still prefer to walk away from large crowds such as the ones in the city centre until we receive a vaccine against Covid-19. I now fear that we will catch covid in the last stretch if we are not careful and with my recent health scare (I'm not going to dwell so much on it, but I had a gallbladder removal surgery in January and another surgery a few weeks back) I am even more cautious than I normally am. BUT let's hope it will pass, we will receive a vaccine soon and be back to normal by Summer. 

That being said, we look for remote places, less known places, and as we enjoy an unusual warm weather we planned on the spot on Saturday to go to the supermarket not for our weekly grocery shopping, but for some sandwiches and water and head to a lake. We chose the Biodiversum Nature Reserve in Haff Réimech, near Remich and we were right. As Remish was more crowded than usual we feared that our plan might go wrong, but the paths around the lake were almost empty. 

We started with a little picnic by the lake and Ilinca took a short nap and then we walked around the lake and it was beautiful. At some point we came across a bird watching hut and from the first floor the view was a pure bliss, we waited for the first bird to appear on the lake and then left the hut for other bird enthusiasts. By the way there were a lot of people with professional cameras and lenses photographing the birds, I presume, so please excuse my phone photos illustrating this article :)

There were also little docks/piers for fisherman, some of them were private, but there were quite a lot left for the public and there were a lot of people enjoying the sun on those piers. We found one for our picnic, but be advised there are birds who come to beg for food. If you are scared of birds, like me, maybe that is not a good idea.

There is also a building sort of a museum sort of an information point about the nature and the birds one could spot on the lake, but we visited it a few years back. If you are interested you can find more informations here
That's it folks. I hope you liked my little article and I hope you will take my advise to visit the Biodiversum, the lake. You can find me more on Instagram, but you know that already @mademoiselle.ralu

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