August 11, 2021

Luxembourg - Staycation with a game - LetzBingo

To be honest, I don't feel like writing about anything. I feel that the experiences and travels we did in the past, stay in the past and writing about something that happened even a month ago seems pointless, to me. I'm saying that, because one of the next posts will be about the cherry trees in Arlon, that being in Spring, and although I've wrote the post then and uploaded the photos, I can't bring myself to give it a nice shape and press Publish. Don't get me wrong, if that is your thing, do your thing, I follow someone on Instagram that posted weekly pictures from the Spring Holiday up to the Summer Holiday and I enjoyed them. But at this point, I don't feel like writing about the past. I also don't feel like doing anything as it is again a pandemic Summer.

You see it in the amount of cars towing a trailer on the motorway or having an extra boot on top, you have conversations with your friends about nearby places to visit or nice places to have a holiday somewhere in the neighbouring countries. Fortunately for us the neighbouring countries have amazing spots, I'm thinking of Alsace or Bretagne in France, Eiffel or Bavaria in Germany, the whole Netherlands, the Belgian seaside and others. Only one of my friends dodged the bullet and booked a holiday on an island on a resort, the rest are exchanging ideas of camper rentals or of staycation places to tick.

And speaking a places to check, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office is having a great campaign, "L√ętzebuerg, dat ass Vakanz" inviting you to take part in a game called LetzBingo. You go on their website, download a bingo card, and start ticking things off it. Things like the highest point in the country, the nicest castle, the best food... and that is exactly what I plan on doing on my social-media handles.

The rules are simple; up to September 15th you have to check the places on the bingo card, take pictures, share them on social-media hashtagging them with #letzbingo and @visitluxembourg and at the end I think there are some prizes, but in fact having an active Summer and not becoming a Netflix watching couch potato is the real win. Also, getting to know the country you live in is another win. I know last Summer I would hear people living in Luxembourg for more than 15 years not knowing obvious places around the country, such as Larochette Castle, or Koler, the graffiti village.  

What I hope to discover playing the game? Well, I've never hiked the highest point in Luxembourg, I've never visited the smallest village in Luxembourg, I never went to a three frontier point, except Schengen. The biggest challenge? Catching a rainbow. They are so rare here in Luxembourg compared to Ireland. Even with similar weather and cloud formation, it is impossible to catch a rainbow in Luxembourg. 
What you win if you follow me? Posts about the new things I would discover, experiences I will have and places I will visit.

In case you want to follow my adventures, I am Raluca Caranfil on Facebook and @mademoiselle.ralu on Instagram.

That's it folks! Have a great end of the Summer! and #letzbingo 

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