August 23, 2021

Belgium - Sakura of Arlon

I have totally forgot about posting this post and as you can probably tell (if you follow me on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu) it is full Summer here in Arlonia, but I could not post the wild field flowers without posting this. 

The Saint-Donat church of Arlon is situated on the "Knippchen", this is the name of the hill where the church is built on. History tells us that on the same spot, the highest one in Arlon, there was probably a fortification of some sort build by the Gallo-Romans. Actually the whole Arlon is filled up with Roman vestiges and they are very proud of their Roman heritage. The capital of the Roman province was in Trier which was called "Augusta Treverorum" as Arlon was called "Orolaunum".

The Sain-Donat church was built by the “Capuchins" in the year 1626 and restored in the year 1851, and once again in the 19th century. The church is surrounded by a balcony called Belvedere from where, of course, you can see all the land around the city of Arlon.

During Spring, the cherry trees surrounding the Belvedere are in full bloom creating what I call, "the Sakura of Arlon". And again if you follow me on Instagram you might have spotted some lovely pictures taken there during the years.

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