September 7, 2018

Romania - Hunedoara - Corvin Castle

Romania gives you a sour taste, exactly when you expect things to go perfect, there is something that bothers you, at least that is my impression. Let me explain!
My husband is in love with castles and for him it is a real pleasure to visit them all, to examine the defence mechanisms, the differences between castles from the same area, so it was a pity that he visited all or most of the castles form our area, but he did not visit one of the most iconic Romanian castles, the Corvin Castle in Hunedoara.

So on our recent trip to Romania we made it our point to camp a night or two in the area. From what I've gathered, Hunedoara is an old industrial town, with not a lot of things to do or visit, but with some major monuments. It is strategically placed between Timișoara and all the Transylvanian towns liked by tourists.

On itself the Corvin Castle is a masterpiece, too bad that people from the area are not aware what they have in their own back garden and decided to surround the monument with industrial buildings and B&B's.

Still, tourists come from all over the world and mostly from Romania to visit the castle. The atmosphere in the garden of the castle is beautiful, the castle on itself is worth a detailed visit, but the town is a disaster. So my advice to you is to skip the town, visit the castle, and get out.

To prove that everything is connected, the castle was given to Iancu de Hunedoara's father by Sigismund of Luxembourg king of Hungary, merely a title and not a connection with the House of Luxembourg, it still has a relevance for us. Built in a Gothic-Renascence style, the Crovin Castle is one of the largest castles in Europe.

Of course, when you visit the castle, they make a connection with Dracula and Bram Stoker, because Vlad Țepeș was imprisoned within the castle for 7 years, but rest asured none of the castles in Transylvania is Dracula's Castle, except maybe a recently build B&B with this name on a mountain crossing in the region.

For me the visit was bittersweet as I've mention at the beginning. Dogs are not allowed within the court of the castle, and I was told that with such a fury and disgust and I felt so little that I refused to even visit the whole thing. My husband went inside and was impressed and even said it has something from Vianden in it.

The visit takes about an hour, you tour the castle and the towers and the inside gardens. It costs 30 RON which is about 5-6 euros.

Here are some pictures:

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