August 10, 2020

Luxembourg - Ourdal Promenade

As the authorities are encouraging us to stay home this Summer and the #staycation are popping on social media, I've decided to give it a go and try one of the many trails advertised in Luxembourg, Ourdal Promenade.

If you don't happen to stumble upon this article, you might think the promenade is the best kept secret of Luxembourg's trails, as there are a lot of pictures of the trail, but none with a location or at least with a clue as to where the trail starts in Vianden.

As Visit Luxembourg puts it "8.5 kilometre trail (expandable to +11 km) in the north of the country connecting Vianden and Stolzembourg, the "Ourdall Promenade" leads along the Our river, which is dammed to form a lake in the valley, away from traffic and on a separate path for hikers and cyclists, allowing them to discover the beautiful scenery. The hike also includes 10 information signs with facts and figures about the area and sights along the way. It is also possible to make use of several car parks to start mid-way. The trail is signposted from Vianden and Stolzembourg."

So the trail starts at the parking of the cemetery so if you don't have any other landmark in mind, know that the Ourdal Promenade starts there with signs and map and everything. It is very easy to follow and you will not get lost.

Now my opinion about the trail/promenade, though we only went for half of it. It is very scenic and very Instagramable and up to a point you have nice views of the castle and you have benches from time to time so one could catch his breath and there are as well parking spots throughout the route so you can start the trail whenever you want. The negative points would be that it is very close to the street, practically following the street. So yes if you want to go from Vianden to Stolzembourg on foot you can, but when is that really necessary? Also, because it is very close to the street and the cars, I could not let Luna walk freely and for us that is one of the main points of walking a trail, so Luna could sniff smells she would not find in Arlon or in our garden. Also, although it is doable with a children buggy, the noise of the cars or especially motorcycles kinda frightened my daughter. 

Bonus pic, someone needed a diaper change so we drove to the belvedere spot near the castle and then took the last picture

I have no more ideas as to what to write on this blog as all we do is work, walk the girls and cook and stay away from the heat, but soon we hope to go on holiday and I will have more topics to write about. 
Have a great week!
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