August 17, 2020

Luxembourg - Kallektuffquell, the second waterfall of the country

I have to admit, I was one of the people disappointed of the famous Luxembourgish waterfall, Schéissendëmpel located in the Mullerthal Region, but I guess small country, small waterfall. So imagine my joy when I've discovered there is another waterfall in the same region, very close from the first one.

Another find on my #staycation in Luxembourg, I've first saw a glimpse of it on Instagram on the @lostinlucembourg account. As everyone is on holiday these days I assumed it was from somewhere in Europe and moved on, but it kept on popping up on my feed. So I did a bit of research and on Sunday, on a torrid day we decided to see what was this waterfall.

Well, I will post here the link to Visit Luxembourg website, but it is more or less useless cause if you go to the parking indicated on the map there is no marking of this Kallektuffquell, but park there and go left if you are looking at the river, after a km or so of walking in the forest you will find a basin and descend some stairs and there it is. It's I guess an artificial waterfall, but to me it looks more beautiful than the natural one. Also you can continue on the path without descending the stairs and have a nice view from above or you can pass it and walk on a wooden path towards something.

Once you have reached it you have to wait a bit for all the instagrammers to get their perfect shot so you can take a picture of the waterfall without anyone in it, but it is worth it. 

The path is accessible with a children pram, but climbing the stairs isn't. If you insist on taking the pram park on the road where you see the wooden path and just follow it to the waterfall.

Have a great week!
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