May 4, 2020

Corona Times - Week nine of isolation

It was a long weekend, have you noticed? I didn't :) I've sent emails even on May 1st cause it felt like a regular Friday.
This week I took pictures of a lot of flowers. It was a rainy week, first after two months of sun, (can you believe it?) so maybe I felt the need to see some colours...I don't know
First this door. I've always seen it from the car, but never had a chance to park and take pictures. Well, on April 28th, the day our daughter was three months old, we took a looooong walk through the empty city and came across this door. It is a sign :)
It is an art nouveau style door (I think), but its colour intrigues me. Who would paint a door this blue? Well, me, but apart from me, there is (or was) someone in Arlon that loved blue as much as I do. If you wonder, yes I could have removed the bricks in photoshop, it would have taken maybe 5 minutes, but what would be the point?
Doing dishes these days :)
At the beginning of the lockdown. I've ordered some coloured pencils and they arrived this week.
There they are. I would never justify spending money on fancy coloured pencils, but I have a kid now :) She will play with them :)
Tradition calls that on the May 1st to offer lily of the valley to your loved ones as a token of luck and prosperity for the coming year. I don't have lily of the valley and also no idea where to get them, so this is white lilac from my garden :)
I went shopping a bought tulips for my office. They changed price. It was 2,99 and now it is 3,50.
The ones in public places are free, but please don't pick them. They are gorgeous!
Queuing at the supermarket I noticed I've never took a selfie of me with a mask. Am I the only one with a big nose and a mask that gets into my eyes because the wire does not hold her in place on my nose?
Another benefit of the lockdown. Those poppies are in the middle of a busy roundabout near our house. I would never have dreamt to cross it. Now there are so few cars we walked to the middle of the roundabout and took a lot of pictures. I love poppies, especially these Turkish ones.
My white lilac
So bad you cannot smell it! Especially now that it rained and my hay fever cooled down a bit, I can smell it :)
Also because it rained the atmosphere was so clean you can see bigger distances from Belvedere. The cherry trees lost their flowers in less than a week, but the old neighbourhood still looks good and we enjoy walking up the hill. 
Iris flowers. I love the combination of colours
Last week I've talked about Dalgona Coffee Challenge, well this week I've made time to make a Turkish coffee. I've bought it from a gas station in Germany maybe half a year ago and never found enough time to make ibric coffee. Ibric is the copper pot where you boil the water and then add coffee and boil it till the right moment and then pour it into a cup and drink it. It is an art in making this sort of coffee and we used to make it every morning before those fancy coffee filters came into our lives. We sacrificed ibric coffee for less time consuming filters, but maybe, now and then we can make Turkish coffee again.
That's it, the ninth week. If you want to keep in touch you can find me on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu 

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