May 11, 2020

Corona Times - Week 10 of isolation

The end is in sight. On May 11th the second phase of the lockdown exist will begin in Belgium with opening some of the other stores which were declared as non-essential in the first confinement stages. Wearing of masks is recommended in places where keeping the safe distance of 1.5 metres is not possible. At the same time, from May 11th Luxembourg will go out of lockdown completely with schools opening gradually starting with older kids.

At the moment the statistics are grim in the area, in Belgium there are 52.596 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 8581 deaths, in France there are 138.421 cases and 26230 deaths, in Germany there are 167.300 Covid confirmed cases and 7266 deaths and in Luxembourg the numbers are 3871 and 100 deaths (from Delano, statistics from May 9th). At the same time in Luxembourg they say that only 2% of the population has Covid 19 or was in contact with a confirmed case. In my small town there are 84 cases of Covid 19.

Personally I have no reason to rebel and I'm waiting patiently to see the evolution of things. I've kinda accepted that we will be very lucky if we will make it to Romania for a week during the summer and that is about it. Waiting for Christmas although they talk about reorganising even the Christmas Markets (so weird to talk about Christmas in May!). From May 15th we will be allowed to make a short one day trip in Belgium and I hope we will make it to the seaside. By now I've cancelled three planned trips, each and every one with a day of depression. But all the things are not bad, we are healthy and together and we even managed to not spend as much money as if we would go to Luxembourg everyday.
This is the moon from the bedroom window photographed with my phone. It did a decent job :)
The lilac in the garden 
The memes related to Covid-19 got better and better, but at some point I've stopped noticing and collecting them. I don't know why.
This meme is one of the most inspired I've seen this week
Life goes on in the little Grand Duchy and there is a new printed magazine, a travel one, called Lucy which is distributed free and is even send to other countries. It arrived in my mail box and I've enjoyed reading it out loud to Ilinca in the garden.
On Tuesday we went to Habay to the lake and it was so nice and empty. Only two or three other people there. Normally I would want to see people, especially now, but last time we went to Habay we could not even get out of the car because of the crowds. 
It rained a little and the atmosphere has cleared out a bit so the pictures are clearer somehow.
This 10th week of confinement marked the first time we went to buy take away. I don't know what I thought I would sense, but it was a plain burger with fries. There was a long queue and we stood a bit under this tree.
Sometimes Ilinca falls asleep in my arms. This period of time where we were both home with her is a blessing. As she is more active during the day, I don't know what I would have done without my husband.
My maternal grandmother had these plants in her garden 
The deconfinement stages in Belgium.
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