May 27, 2019

Best places for Spring blooms around Luxembourg

When I came up with this idea Spring was almost over for this year, but I still wanted to write this post for the years to come. I have so many pictures with Spring flowers that I never published, and I feel this post will serve them justice. So in a nutshell, these are the places where you can enjoy the Spring blooms in and around Luxembourg.
1. First one has to be the tulip fields in the Nederlands. If you live in this area you are only three hours away from a bucket list item many travellers only dream on, Amsterdam and Keukenhof Garden, but most importantly you are a couple of hours away from the fields. It is no secret that I prefer to visit the fields more than the garden, so much so that I even wrote a post about tips and tricks to find the fields. I promise I will update it as it was written in 2017, but some if not all of the facts are still valid. One extra tip, though, since the tulip farmers have complained about the uncivilised tourists, please do not pick the flowers and try not to step on them either, on that race to the best Instagram post.
2. The tulips of Brussels. As the Nederlands can be expensive especially during the tulip season, one local and a little less expensive is Floralia Brussels, an exhibition of flowers around a castle. The entrance fee can be a little bit pricey (14 euros) and there are hoards of tourists visiting the garden at any given time, but somehow it is not crowded and you can Instagram your way into the garden without much effort. Bear in mind that the exhibition is opened just a month a year, from mid April to mid May.
3. The Sakura of Arlon. If you are not a Japan aficionado, sakura is nothing but the cherry blossom. If you are on Instagram for sure your feed got flooded of this word enough to make you dream or plan a trip to Japan in Spring. No need to spend that money though, when you can enjoy the cherry blossoms right under your nose or 15 km from the border in Belgium, in Arlon. The old church in Arlon is Saint-Donat with that gorgeous Belvedere, it is where the antiques market takes place every month in the Spring and Summer, but it is also the place where they planted cherry trees. So you have the green of the grass, you have the pink of the blossoms and you have the grey of the old walls, what can be more Instagram perfect than that? It is also not crowded at all, except when the local residents decide to have a picnic or a bbq on the walls, but even than you can snap quietly and have as many pictures as you want.
4. Wild daffodils of Via Botanica. It is a recent discovery for me, but Via Botanica is something you have to check at least once if you live in the area. Be respectful though, but enjoy this wild yellow experience! Via Botanica is seven and a half km trail through a forest adorned with daffodils. Need I say more? It is Instagram perfect, it is fresh air perfect, it is a nice walk in the nature perfect, it is friendly with dogs, it is pure bliss. I was so impressed with it, I even wrote a post about it, here.
5. The Magnolia tree in the city centre. It is a Spring landmark by now and I've seen it on social media this year more than ever. It is on the opposite side of the road from Gëlle Fra and I think it is the most photographed tree in whole Luxembourg City. Still, you can find Magnolia trees if you walk on the Avenue Marie-Thérèse or in Limbertsberg or Merl, but it is not the tree.
6. The crocus flowers in the central parks. I never know the actual name of the parks, but there are three of them, they start at Fondation Pescatore and go to Adolphe Bridge. During Spring, but just for a couple of weeks, these parks are filled with crocus flowers, which sound much better in Romanian, Brândușe. You can also find them on the slopes of Grund, under the Adolphe Bridge, but in the parks are more spread and easier to photograph.
7. Wisteria in Kirchberg. How to explain this as I'm not familiar to the area passed the PE towers? Opposite side of the road from Auchan, there is a man-made esplanade with some arches filled with wisteria. My friend took me on a stroll one day and I've spotted the wisteria, but we were so busy talking and checking up, I forgot to take a picture. Yes I'm old school like that. There is also wisteria on the Glacis Tram Station, but the area is so crowded, I never got to take a decent picture. Still, you can find wisteria all around Luxembourg, so it is almost impossible not to have one near you.
8. Rapeseed fields. Oh I just love them and for me, in this area, Spring has arrived when the rapeseed is in bloom. I never got to take a decent picture in a field, but I have tons of pictures with the fields. They are always in different places, but you most definitely spotted them. They are the yellow flowers gorgeous fields and I think they are used to make oil and paint, but during Spring in this area there is no shortage of rapeseed fields waiting for your Insta Moment.
9. The giant poppies in Sterpenish. They are not exactly a Spring flower, but I love poppies so much I would have put them on top of this list. I don't know who planted them and it is just a round patch close to a very busy intersection, but they are lovely. They bloom late May and they only last two weeks.
10. The Hallerbos Forest in Belgium. I've only seen it on Instagram, but I promise next year I will check it out. Seems like there is a a forest close to Brussels where wild bluebell hyacinth flowers grow. I can only imagine the smell of it all! There are a lot of information about this forest on the Internet so I hope next year I can enjoy and maybe Instagram this beauty. As it is only two hours away from Luxembourg it can nicely be a day trip.

So there you have it, an almost top 10, except it is not a top. I love all these experiences equally, well maybe more the poppies one, but I hope reading this post brought some colour to your day and I hope you will enjoy the Spring blooms next year more knowledgeable. As usual I'm waiting for you on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu


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