April 3, 2019

Luxembourg - Romanian artists exhibited at the Neumunster Abbey

Under the title Mythologies, nine Romanian contemporary artists showcase their works in Luxembourg. At the Neumunster Abbey, a place with great importance in the recent history of Romania (it was there that in 2007 the former communist country signed the treaty to become an EU member state), until April 15th, you will be able to admire their works, as they are exhibited in the "Chapelle" room.

The artists experiment with different mediums, such as textile, photography or light boxes.

Radu Pandele - Still life (triptique) and Absurd fantasy (diptyque) - "When describing his paintings and installations, Radu Pandele talks about "modest art," but also about "nihilistic hedonism" and "revival of surrealism." All of this is mixed up in his works, combining classic painting with 3D rendering, spiced up with classic punk themes. Connections between criticism of consumerism and existential distress create in Pandele's works new fictional worlds, both terrifying and charming at the same time." (Startpoint price 2018)

Răzvan Boar - Yellow and Mauve - "Boar’s work enters into the dialogue within contemporary painting without being tied down by its constructs. It also engages with more ubiquitous questions informing Surrealism, fantasy and the uncanny." (Ana Cristea Gallery)

Petru Lucaci - Clarobscur - "From charcoal as a medium to mud as a subject, the resources of the color black – Petru Lucaci’s central preoccupation for the last two decades – have been exploited to the maximum." (Revista Arta)

Gili Mocanu - Podium - Platform -

Adrian Dan - Midcentury Paradox - "Objects offer different entry points to the development of the body, supporting its shape, and replicating biologic functions for its embellishment and improvement. The tension between technology and the human body, seen through a lens of history, is the main point of interrogation."(

Ioana Stanca - Soft J - "Her research in textures and tactility, determined Ioana to expand her attention towards other media besides painting and to focus on different techniques of working with textiles. With this mindset, the sewing machine becomes an extension of the artist’s will. Now, an infinity of associations can be made, the automatism of the machine becomes an exploration tool and it can be used to create even embroideries, following techniques that Ioana developed." (Czech Centre Bucharest)

Aurora Király - Viewfinder Mock-up - "Aurora Király faces a continuous reconciliation between an ever-changing past and an ineffable present. The bridge between them, the architecture of what she builds is made out of a commonly shared want to seize the moment and the simultaneous instinct to live in the next one." (Anca Poterasu Gallery)

Iosif Király - D_Platform - "Although I love good quality conceptual art, and I know just as well as you do that there are master pieces of contemporary art that are better seen than talked about. I still think that the perfect work of art can properly balance objects and concepts. During my constructivist period, I mostly understood art from the perspective of formalism, composition, chromatic or functionality. As time passed, however, even though I continued working in a constructivist manner, I attempted to grant these shapes a symbolic, spiritual dimension." (Revista Arta)

Arantxa Etcheverria - Structuri - "The paintings, the drawings contained in them, starting from what constitutes an opening, a gap in a solid, material reality, are abstract. These gaps are windows and doors seen by Arantxa Etcheverria walking through Bucharest, geometric presences, very strong visuals that arrange the building and the sight – by repetition, by symmetry." (Art Viewer)

The exhibition was organised with the support of the Romanian Embassy in Luxembourg and the Romanian Cultural Institute and it is part of a series of events organised by Romania as it holds the Presidency of the European Union Council, until June, this year.

Exhibition is opened daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m..


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