May 25, 2022

Luxembourg - Have you spotted the Inkoignito cat?

Oh how I love a little investigating! The thrill of finding something new and then writing about it for the whole world to read!

The checkered cat in Place Clairefontaine in Luxembourg, made an appearance on my feed a couple of weeks ago and it intrigued me as I've never spotted it before. Granted, I'm not every week (not even every month) on the center, but I am a fan of these sort of street art and I have never seen it before.

From post to post and hashtag to hashtag I found out that it might be of artist @inko.i.gnito on Instagram, but the account has very few followers and it is not marked as verified. Yes, I am aware it is not Banksy, or not yet anyway, but by the looks of it he has made cats all over the world. 

The Luxembourg cat is not on the Instagram profile, so it could be very well a copycat (am I funny or what?). Searching further, turns out that, in this case, my age is a plus and the artist is very well established on Facebook

From there I found out he is from Poland, from Plock, he started putting cats all over the place in 2013 and has placed over 300 of them, he expresses through stencil or paint, but lately he likes the mosaic. He started by making mosaics from used bottles, I've seen shells and pebbles, but also floor tiles, like the one in Luxembourg.

He, because the artist doesn't hide and likes to place his cats during the day, aims to put a smile on the passerby's face. He sure made me smile!

If you liked this post, let's chat over on Instagram about this cat. You can find me @mademoiselle.ralu 

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