November 1, 2021

Luxembourg - Art is everywhere

The eyes. I was sitting on the "terrace" of Oberweis inside Robert Schuman Hospital in Kirchberg trying to eat a croissant. I was 30 minutes early to a meeting with my endocrinologist and I thought I'd spent it there scrolling my Instagram. With the corner of my eye I spotted something blue. It was a painting and it's presence in a hospital intrigued me. So I've finished my meal and went to investigate. Turns out the painting was one of two, they are both in the main entrance hall of the hospital, they are called "Merci", they were painted by a nurse which works there and they were paying a tribute to the hospital staff engaged in the fight against Covid-19. 

From there I went down the rabbit hole of the internet and found the website of the artist who is Belgian, born in 1977, studied painting in Arlon and lives in Habbay - Arlon. Her name is Gilliane WarzĂ©e so please do try to remember it as I think you will definitely hear about her soon. 

I don't normally get excited about contemporary art unless it tells me something, it makes me turn, spend the time to observe it. The pandemic times have been an inspiration for many artists, but to me the two paintings have a deeper meaning, being made by an artist, but also by someone who's been fighting this thing in the first lines. Where does she find the time to even be creative?

The two paintings are in the same style as others on her website, but to me the one looking at us front and personal, asking us why? has created an emotion. Maybe I've discovered it (them) in a time when the pandemic is almost over in Luxembourg, but is hitting harder than ever my home country, maybe I was a bit vulnerable going to see a doctor, even though she is very nice and I don't have a major endocrinological condition to worry about, I don't know what my subconscious was reacting to, maybe it is as simple as them being blue, but they moved me and isn't art supposed to do that?

So without getting even deeper into the melancholic state, if you ever are at Robert Schuman Hospital, first I hope you are well and just for a routine check-up, and second, please spent a few seconds in front on any of the two paintings. It will do you good. 

To put a face to the paintings I've borrowed a picture of the artist from the mighty Internet, I will credit her for it, but in the meantime if I will find another source you will see it here. 

Art is everywhere and can be made anytime!

With my two cents about the topic, I will remind you that I am more active on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu and sign out! 


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