March 26, 2021

Luxembourg - The Daffodil Forest in 2021

Two years ago when we first went to see Via Botanica, which starts in Lellingen, Luxembourg, I was certain we will revisit it after many more years as we have forests closer to us, equally as beautiful, maybe not with daffodils, but forests.

Two years on and a global pandemic (is this a pleonasm I wonder?) and we are revisiting anything we find in Luxembourg and around, because what else is there to do, where else to go? 

Turns out that everyone in Luxembourg had the same idea, on the same weekend, which was not a sunny one and the trail Via Botanica was more crowded than a shopping-mall. Two years ago we maybe met five people on the 8 long km trail, this year they were in the hundreds :( That is what you get when you cancel all the traditions and all the fairs and events in the city. People will still congregate and even in plain air, it will still become a crowd.

I am one of the people who followed the rules and, more importantly, agreed with them, but come one Luxyland get going with vaccinations, stop being so paranoiac and trust your people, organise well your events and get people the chance to get to a normal life.

Pandemic parenthesis closed, it did me a lot of good to go to that forest and enjoy the scenery and be with friends. Luna loved it more than us, I think, and Ilinca looked at everything and was curious, she fell asleep at some point, but stood awake at the daffodils part of the trail.

I will leave you with some pictures and so you know you maybe have two more weekends of daffodils in bloom in 2021.

OMG look at my face!!! and it wasn't because Luna is heavy :D 
That is what a couch potato looks like when it decides to walk for 8 km :D

Bonus: this was the sunset on that day. The picture is taken from the moving car, but you can see the beauty, can you?
That is it folks. As usual you can find me more on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu

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