November 16, 2020

Luxembourg - Castle Brandenburg - The castle that doesn't want to be visited

We came across Castle Brandenburg a couple of years ago on our way to another visiting sight and we put it on our mind-list for things to visit. So three years have passed, I've heard that the castle was sort of restored and could be visited. 

With a history going back to the 9th century, the ruin of Castle Brandenburg is located just above the village with the same name. So if you enter the village the same way we did, you will spot the castle easily. What is not so easily found is the entrance. We circled the castle by car and turned around and the only way we found to get to the castle was a hill above some houses. So we parked the car near a pompiers (fireman) station and form there we went on foot.

After a not so steep hill through a forest we reached the castle gates only to find out that indeed the castle can be visited, but just till the end of October. We were already at the beginning of November... just a few days back... well, no matter, we will come back, especially now that we have the confirmation that the castle can be visited. It says so on a billboard in front of the gate, that the castle was set up for visitors by the Monuments Service in Luxembourg.

According to Wikipedia the castle was a wooden castle in the 9th and 10th century and the first stone castle dates to the 13th century. A century later a chapel was added to the castle, then a bailey, two towers, cellars and curtain walls. So for us it was only left to the imagination the grandeur of the castle we could only spot through the gates.

The castle was inhabited till the 18th century and then was left in ruin until the 80's when restauration and consolidation works were carried by the state. So, let's hope that in the Spring we will be able to visit this castle and who knows maybe by then the Monuments Service in Luxembourg will bother to add some signs pointing us to the entrance and maybe a parking. 

I hope you liked my post about yet another castle, but as the weather is getting fussy in this little Grand Duchy we only have a limited number of sunny days when we feel like visiting sights and discovering new places.  As usual I am more active on Instagram @mademoiselle.ralu drop a line there if you want to talk.


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