June 16, 2020

Corona times - The new normal

Little by little our life has gone back to sort of a normal in the sense that the borders are open and we already met all our friends in Luxembourg, we even went shopping once in Germany and this weekend we will go to the Netherlands. From June 15th the flights from Brussels are slowly crossing again our sky, the last closed border, the one with France is open for non-essential travel, so life is somewhat on a track.

We still have to wear masks on the public transport and in the crowded places and outside social gatherings are limited to 20 persons (so this year the IA day will be online). Also, even though the flights to Romania have resumed, you still have to stay for 14 days in quarantine if you come from Belgium or Luxembourg and for us that is not an option.

So for the Summer the tourism will be local, but we have plenty of nice places to choose from so we are not complaining. It's been a while since I haven't written a Corona post so let's look at the pictures.

First, the weekly market in Arlon resumed and we went to it on one sunny day. I've remembered why I haven't been to a local market in Arlon for the past eight years so that was that. But when we left in the parking, my husband took this very dear to me photo of me and Ilinca in a tenderness moment. 
As soon as we could we went to Luxembourg for a stroll at the old places we love and the Melusina statue is one of those places. Not very friendly for people with strollers, but as my husband insists in taking one and not carrying our daughter, he had to deal with the bumpy pathways. 
We also discovered a nice trail with a gorgeous belvedere spot.
Of course I continued to make banana bread, now that I have the perfect outfit of this.
From now on I will always have toys in my pockets. 
Also I've restarted to slowly wear my Romanian blouses again. Since the Pompidou Paris trip  I haven't felt the desire to wear one, not even my hemp one. 
The Arlon authorities sent us fiber masks and vouchers to spent at local stores in an attempt to help the local economy. 
I've discovered this interesting artist, Martina Hoffmann from Berlin who handed out coloring pages for free and who has an interesting Instagram profile with gorgeous paintings for kids. Of course I've ordered some for Ilinca's room.
This year, I don't know if it was because people spent a lot of time inside or because of the unusual weather, all the flowers bloomed in amazing colors, especially poppies.
I don't know how these flowers are called, but they are blue and I love them
We even went for the first time to check out a castle we visited almost 8 years ago when we first moved to the area. The Beaufort Castle in Luxembourg. Last I've seen it, it was inhabited by sheep and the wind inside would sweep you of your feet. Now they worked on it and they give tickets at the entrance and Luna was not allowed. So we walked round it and went home.  
The meme of the period.
Actually, after wearing masks my face started to act up so I need some sort of a coloring BB cream, but I still can't wear any lipstick, not even the balms I was frequently using :(
Luna was reunited with the postman and is happy. She also wants every single thing Ilinca uses. That is Ilinca's pillow, but now they share it. 
Ilinca reading a book about the regal Romanian jewelry 
Me during the commute, in the train.
Also inside the train.
Favorite belvedere spot in Luxembourg
The progress I've made with Ilinca's Romanian blouse
We went for the first time since the pandemic started to the DM store in Germany and because I was with the trolley and my husband was with Ilinca's stroller be bought two hand creams. The biggest one is the one we finished during the lockdown, the middle one was picked up by my husband and the smaller one, by me. At least we both are optimistic that the "wash your hands for 20 second" period is over.
My blue flowers 
Nice flowers
On our walk recently we discovered a private castle. I took a picture of the imposing gate and can only dream about the actual castle inside.
The lavender is growing fast
Finally Ilinca has a children's book as she kept borrowing mine :)
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