March 4, 2020

Ilinca and Luna or small children and dogs

As I've been asked several times what will happen to Luna (our 4 years old, to this date, collie) once my daughter will come into the picture I've decided to write a post about it. The short answer is -  nothing will happen to Luna. The long answer in the following lines.

I have dogs since I was old enough to have an opinion that would count, that being around 18 years old, they were all collies and they were all females. First was Lady rescued from the street, she was pretty old when we got her and she lived with us for almost four years. Then was Dea, we got her from a breeder when she was two weeks old and she was with us for more than 12 years. And four years ago we got Luna. So at this point let me tell you I am more fond of dogs than children, even the ones that I produced.
So to put it in other words, Ilinca, my daughter, came into a house with an existing dog. Either she choose it or it was a coincidence, she has to adapt to it and if genetics indeed have a word to say, she will love dogs as much as I do or my husband does.

Normally I would never recommend parents to get their kids a dog or a cat up until the age of 10 years old OR when they are responsible enough for the new member of the family. Because, if you get a pet for your kid, but you are the one who is walking it, you are taking care that the dog has food and water, you know when to take it to the vet, you actually got yourself a pet. Granted, kids these days are not as free to walk the dog as we were, but at least you see your child involved in everything related to the dog or the cat, the pleasant, cuddling, playing with the dog and the not so pleasant such as picking up the poo or holding the dog while the vet is doing the yearly shots. Because, as it happens many times parents feel overwhelmed by having to take care of the family pet and the pet ends up crowding the shelters. 

But as our situation is different, I can only hope Ilinca will have the childhood I always wanted, with a dog as a best friend, with someone that will always unconditionally love her. And the beginning looks promising :)

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P.S. I came across this article and I am sure there are many others on the internet on the benefits of raising children with dogs or cats. The discussion around the topic of getting rid of the family pet when having a baby is too big for this blog. BUT just so you know I think that people who actually do that are crazy to say the least, they are people who never should have pets or kids for that matter.

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