July 8, 2019

France - How Donald Trump ended up in the river Moselle, in Metz

Following last week's article, here is another one, this time about an art installation displayed not far from Luxembourg in the beautiful French town of Metz. We are experiencing abnormal weather for Luxembourg mainly because of climate changes we should no longer ignore.
"Everything is fine" is an installation by the artist Jacques Rival and includes the inflatable half submerged head of the US president Donald Trump together with the right hand held up in the OK sign.

It is related to the president's 2017 speech announcing the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord plays. The soundtrack of Trump's speech can be played by the public pressing on a buzzer on Pont des Roches. The sound is distorted as if the president gave the speech from under the water on a sinking ship and bubbles arise from the mouth of the inflatable Trump.
"The idea was to gag Trump, to silence him, but he continues to speak, very sure of himself," Jacques Rival told AFP.

The 47-year-old artist is a veteran in building large, satirical works, all over Europe in both public and private places. He has arranged that at night the art installation would lit up to create "a safe atmosphere with dynamic lighting" AFP.

The installation is part of 14 works that make up the Constellations de Metz digital arts festival, an event open until September 7th.

Nevertheless, this isn't the first inflatable Trump that was made. The Baby Trump inflatable balloon made history since it was first introduced to the public on July, 13th, 2018 in London. The balloon depicts Trump as an angry orange baby holding a smartphone.

One of the organisers, Max Wakefield, described the balloon protest as being in response to "the rise of far-right politics that dehumanises people in order to get into power", and saw it as an attempt to introduce some "good British humour" into the political discourse surrounding Trump's visit, wiki.
Since then the balloon was flown numerous times in US last year, then it travelled to France where the balloon appeared on November, 11th, at a march protesting about Trump's visit to attend the ceremonies of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Then it was seen in Argentina, at the G20 Buenos Aires Summit and again in Europe, this year in Dublin at the "STOP Trump Ireland" protest on June 6th. It again made its way to London in preview of this year Trump state visit in June 2019.

Museums, such as British Museum and Museum of London, expressed interest in acquiring or at lest displaying the original Trump Baby Balloon.

So here you have it, my article about an art installation you should not miss if you live in or around Luxembourg. As usual let's get the conversation going on Instagram where you can find me @mademoiselle.ralu

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