February 1, 2019

UK- Scotland - Edinburgh Castle

You know me, I have visited my fair share of castles. I've visited castles in Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, Nederland, Romania, Ireland, Austria...well I've visited a lot of castles. And even if I'm not an expert in this field, at least aesthetically I can form an opinion. 

And when you see Edinburgh Castle from Princess Street, it does make an impression. And now let's face it, what is there to visit in Edinburgh, but the castle? So I think, the people who take care of the castle are cashing on that aspect, cause for me 20 pounds to visit a garrison is too much. I am sorry, I've tried not to be so focused on the price, as with the Guinness Storehouse, you pay 15 euro and that's it, but I can't.

Somehow it doesn't offer as much for the price you pay, and 20 pounds is just the entrance, 5 pounds for an audio-guide??? And then multiply that with two, so almost 50 pounds for two people, it's a lot. Even one of the most famous castles all over the world, the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, has 13 euros as an entrance fee. You see my point, there?

I think that line of thought stopped me from enjoying the castle, cause indeed if you want you can spent a whole day inside, the castle has a lot of rooms and attractions. So if you don't mind the price, enjoy our photos.

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