October 22, 2018

Be yourself, everyone else is taken!

I've noticed a trend on social media for acting as if you are always happy, surrounded by good looking food, spending your holidays in gorgeous places, wearing only brands and opulent jewellery, and for my sanity I have to think that not everyone's life is this way. In no shape or form I would want that life, but I'm already out of their demographic.

Scientists call this "living the best day" on social media, when people embellish their life and make it something that it isn't, in the process influencing others to aspire to that life and when they can't it leads to depression, anxiety and overall not trusting people.

As I've "studied" (I'm embellishing myself, only wrote a paper about it for a class) this phenomenon, I've searched for genuine people on social media and to be honest I've kinda migrated towards Instagram in the memory of what was once Facebook.

But being an Instagrammer lured me into this web of the perfect life, the perfect profile, of taking thousands of pictures and posting only 1, of studying my look, applying makeup :), searching for perfect locations to photograph and then I snapped. Now on my profile you see a copy of myself, of the mess that is life, of the things I love, places I travel and people I meet. I'm an expat and I chose to focus on the things expats do, instead of desperately trying to mingle with Luxembourgers.

If it worked, I don't know, I'm still experimenting with my profile, I still do things "one should not do", posting wrong hashtags and not tagging profiles which I want to notice me, still using Instagram filters and not altering the photos I take with Facetune and (the horror) still taking pictures with my phone :D. I know the theory, I stay up with the trends, but on my profile I still want to be myself.

Also trendy right now are the memes and you must have encounter the ones "Instagram vs. real life". The following pictures are memes wanna be. Enjoy!

Guess each ones made it to my Instagram profile?
I hope you loved reading this post as much as I loved putting it together! Also, if you fancy keeping in contact with me, drop a line at on Facebook.


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