August 31, 2018

Belgium - Marché aux Puces in Arlon

Already a month has passed since I've been to this flea market in Arlon, but the post about it waited silently its turn on my blog and I'm publishing it now since this weekend there is another flea market (Marché aux Puces) in this small Belgian town on the border with Luxembourg.

Basically, in all the first Sundays from March to November, the town centre of Arlon is closed for this market where you can find all you might think from vintage to new stuff.

I'm usually not interested in flea markets as I rarely buy this sort of stuff, but it is interesting to browse through what they are selling as the objects are windows to past times and history and one can make a good idea about how life was in those times.

I am though on the hunt for a vintage embroidered with beads red bag, which I never found, but I do believe it is waiting for me somewhere.

Picnic tea set 

Embroidered glasses holster
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