July 30, 2018

Amsterdam - The Kissing Couple XXXL

If you love Nederlands as I do, you probably already know the iconic Delft ceramic kissing couple a beloved Dutch souvenir along with the wooden clogs and tulip bulbs. But today I'm going to tell you about a tourist attraction away from the beaten track, a giant statue.

The giant Kissing Couple was erected along the Zaanstad to Amsterdam cycle lane in an lesser known area of the Dutch capital and its aim is to encourage locals to cycle more. I've read that somewhere and apparently the local municipality thinks the Dutch people don't cycle enough, despite the fact that they cycle more than any nation I know.

I think you can reach the Kissing Couple XXXL just by bike and car as I have not seen any public transportation nearby so don't just plan your Amsterdam visiting trip around that statue, but if you happen to have a couple of spare hours rent a bike and cycle to Zaanstad and on your way there you will spot it.

Here are our pictures:

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