June 1, 2018

Netherlands - Tulip fields of 2018

It has been the fifth year we went to see the tulip fields, hence the title, so it's become some sort of a tradition for us. Also, Nederlands is my favourite country in this area so it's good for my mental health to visit it at least once per year.
One thing though, as in all countries, the capital is somewhat different from the rest, not in a bad way, just different. I love Amsterdam as much as I love the whole country, it's just a different kind of love. I don't think this rule necessarily applies to Luxembourg, but there are slight differences between the German half and the French half.

As I said all of this, let's got to the tulips. This year I took over 500 pictures and in my opinion they are all great. So for you to see all the pictures in this blog post is a little bit impossible. I also wanted to make a movie out of them, but it was a 20 minutes long movie, who watches pictures of tulips for 20 minutes? So I will just post all the different kind of tulips and of course pictures of me and Luna.  If you want or need some pointers as what are the tulip fields, I wrote a post about that last year.













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