March 19, 2018

Belgium - Arlon Carnaval 2018

It's that time of the year again, the Carnival time! This year I only went to see the Carnival in Arlon and I've missed all of the Carnivals in Luxembourg, I just did not feel like going. I went to the one in Arlon and I am glad I did because it was the 40th edition and there were participants from Czechia and Poland on top of the regular participants from Germany, Luxembourg, France and Belgium, of course.

I have to point out that when I'm writing about Arlon Carnival I'm only writing about the parade (Grand Cavalcade) which took place on Sunday and not about the whole program which lasted the whole weekend, so three days.

On their website and leaflets I read that there were 50 groups participating in the parade and 12 brass bands, there were candies and other sweets and at the end there were the famous Gilles de Maurage which are similar to the Gilles de Binche the ones throwing oranges. The organisers provided some of the numbers and I have to say they are impressive: 4500 kg of confetti, 1500 kg of bonbons and 5000 oranges were used only by the participants in the parade.

I was in a weird state of mind so taking part in the parade and seeing all those smiling faces did me a lot of good. I hope that my pictures will get you in the same state:

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