February 5, 2018

Spain - Photos from Zaragoza

You know I'm not the one to waste a good photo and also that I think all my photos are good, so today I'm going to show you all the wonders I've discovered in Zaragoza.

When I think of places to visit in Spain, somehow Zaragoza does not pop in my mind. I think first of Barcelona, of course, the south of Spain with Alhambra and Gibraltar, maybe Madrid, but never Zaragoza and that a bad thing. Granted it's not as touristic as the other places, but still you can get a feel of Spain when you get lost on the narrow streets or when you see those rooftops from the cathedral's tower.

I think I've said it, but I was in Zaragoza to work so not to do touristic stuff, but you know me :) Also I had an amazing guide, a lovely Romanian woman who lived there for a long time and told us all there is to know about the city and took her spare time to be our guide. I only hope I could turn back the favour one day!

I only had a quick check on the plane to see what we could possibly see and one thing stood out, the Aljaferia Palace. It's as I imagine Alhambra to be and it was impressive!
But then I've arrived to Zaragoza and the Cathedral Our Lady of the Pillar is simply amazing and it's not to be missed. I even went into the tower (don't worry there is an elevator) and the views from there are gorgeous. I even saw snow covered mountains and in Zaragoza was sunny and warm.
If you want, but I had not time to, you can check some museums, the most famous one is the Goya Musem. But just walking down the streets and pop into small shops is also a pleasure.
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