January 15, 2018

France - Route du vins in Alsace

Boys and girls,

I know Christmas is gone and it's already January, but the Christmassy feeling is one of the most peaceful I know, so why not prolong it into the New Year?

And what other Christmassy place you know in this region but Alsace? If you just passed through Strasbourg you know what I'm talking about, but there is also Colmar and Riquewihr (if that's not a name form Lord of the Rings, I don't know what it is) and other small towns and places promoted and written about on blogs and present on vlogs and Instagram. Because you see, in this social media age, I've found out about this region from Instagram and thought "I'm just three hours away, why not give it a try?".

Truth is , I've been to Strasbourg a lot of times and in the first year when we spent Christmas here we went to Strasbourg to celebrate it. It was a sad Christmas, because all the markets were closed, all the restaurants were closed and we ended up eating our "Christmas dinner" at a Chinese restaurant. But going there in the month before Christmas is great and its a bucket list experience you have to have once in your lifetime.

I consider myself a very lucky person, because although we intended to go to Colmar for a weekend, there were no rooms left at a reasonable price in Colmar and we picked the first good looking room in a town called, Itterswiller.

This is the hotel where we stayed, it's a little family run inn which we found on It was so lovely and the atmosphere was so nice that we decided to eat there and spend most of our time in that village.

And so I am writing this post to advise you to forget about Colmar and Strasbourg and even Riquewihr (although it's a nice looking town) during the Christmas Season. Try Route du vins (the wine road) instead, it is amazing!

You will get small, fairy-tale towns with small Christmas Markets with the same souvenirs and the same pottery to take home, but at reasonable prices, with no crowds and no queues and no hassle. Believe me, the Route du vins is the place to be, until someone gets to promote it and Instagram it and the crowds will head that way. I was so impressed by it, that I've already made reservations to go during Spring.

I hope I'll convince you with some pictures.

So if you come from Luxembourg, go towards Strasbourg on the motorway, but exist at Saverne and then follow to old road (also called the wine road) towards Colmar. We did that up until Itterswiller where we stayed and we stopped in all the small towns to take pictures and try the local shops. The next day we went from Itterswiller to Colmar, again stopping in every town were we saw a Christmas Market or in every town that looked lovely. So we ended up arriving in Colmar at 4 p.m., but Colmar was crowded so we just had something to eat and headed back to Luxembourg.
It was a two day trip, but it filled my batteries to the max for the busy Christmas season.
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