November 15, 2017

Belgium - First Christmas Market of the season

Every year I feel less and less prepared for the Christmas Season or Holidays Season. Somehow I feel that the years pass so fast and there is Alin's birthday, then St. Patrick's day, then May's 1st holiday, then the real summer holiday, then my birthday, then Christmas all packed in a flash. I may be getting old and grumpy, but when I see Christmas stuff in September or October I feel like crying. I know there is a reason behind this, but somehow it doesn't seem right.

First Christmas market of every season is of course organised by a store and it's the plants and decorations store in Messancy, Belgium. This year they started the Christmas market at October 20th, which for me is way too early. But by the beginning of November, curiosity got the best of me and I went there to see it. That is because it is really good looking and every year they arrange the decorations in form of rooms with a central piece, a table, or a chair and the tree, and the decorations on the sides. Every year they have a gold room, a silver one, a red one and a coloured one. This year they introduced a crafty one as well. For me (Coca-Cola generation) the Christmas is only red, so I'm not that interested in the other rooms and that is also good for our budget :)

This year I only bought one decoration, although there were more that I would have wanted, but I have so many Christmas decorations, that I remember last year I even decorated the spare room and still there were some I've left in the box.

Here are some pictures. Although every year I take pictures and either share them on my social media or do a blog post about the market, I still don't know of I am allowed to take pictures.

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