September 11, 2017

Luxembourg - Melusina is back

It took them 4 months and the whole Luxembourgish summer, but they brought Melusina back. I am so, so happy and I love the sculpture, maybe because it is made from ceramic, or because it was placed during our stay in Luxembourg so it is actually part of our own history with the city, I don't know, but Melu is back and I am glad.

I can't believe I've never shown you, here on the blog, this sculpture, but she is present on my Instagram and Facebook.

So long story short, Melusina is a legendary character, one of the few truly Luxembourgish, she was a mermaid as you can see. The sculpture was placed in the Grund area of Luxembourg in 2015 and every time we visit her I snap a selfie. It has almost become a tradition of ours.

In May this year someone broke Melusina's tail. The article in Wort almost made me cry, seeing her all bandaged up and looking sad. This was actually the second time that the statue was vandalised, the last time someone took a ceramic tile from her back, I think. So in just two short years the statue was vandalised twice. So it is very fragile and unique which makes me love it even more.

The restored statue was put back on its place at the beginning of August, but as it was a busy month we did not get a chance to visit it. That happened last weekend, when we left home with the sole purpose of visiting Melusina.
And here she is! Back and melancholic as ever!
I have a ton of photos of this statue, but none from this angle. This goes to show that every time you could discover a new way of looking at Melusina's statue.
And this is The Selfie! August 2017. Melusina is back!
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