November 8, 2016

Luxembourg - Romanian movies at CinEast Film Festival in Luxembourg

CinEast Film Festival stands for Central and Eastern European Film Festival and takes place every year in Luxembourg. Since we live here I had the opportunity to watch Romanian movies, some of them not even premiered in Romania.
This year at the festival there were five Romanian movies and I have to say that I missed just one. I am proud of myself :). I went to see, Dogs, Illegitimate, The miracle of Tekir and Two lottery tickets and I have to say that the last one was my favourite.
Two lottery tickets is a remake after a very famous Romanian short story written by I.L. Caragiale, but this remake somehow brings the story into this time without damaging the essence. I liked everything about the movie and it is a breve of fresh air in the Romanian movie world. I've read somewhere that the movie was made with little money and that all the actors in the movie played for free. The little money were spend on post-editing. This is indeed good news and Two lottery tickets is at the same level as many other Romanian movies, if not even better.
Two lottery tickets is a comedy, that should be said form the beginning, and the actors are all known and admired in Romania. One of them, Dragos Bucur, is playing the lead role also in Dogs, but that part is totally different. Dogs in more of a drama and although I wanted to know more about the subject I left the cinema disappointed. For sure we could make better movies and we have better movies in our filmography.
Another movie I did not get was Illegitimate. I liked the actors and I discovered with this occasion some very good young Romanian actors, but the movie was plane. It didn't move me, but that is just my opinion.
The miracle of Tekir is a very heavy movie. I would really like to talk with someone who isn't Romanian and who has seen the movie to know what they understood from it. I could relate to it because I am Romanian, but I don't know what a Luxembourger would understand. Actually I don'e even think that a single Luxembourger went to that movie.
This brings me to one of my problems with the festival. There is a circle that has to be solved before the next edition of the festival. Too few Romanian came to see the Romanian movies, the organisers say that the events outside the festival are few for Romanian because Romanians are not interested in the festival, but Romanians are not interested because they feel that they are not represented in the festival. I went to a Polish movie and the audience was even sitting even on the stairs. This did not happen at the Romanian movies.
Also, not even a single Romanian known actor came to represent the movies, compared to Poland and Czech Republic who had actors and directors and events especially for their communities here in Luxembourg. I am just wondering why?
I think a possible explanation is that there is no Romanian among the organisers or if there is it is not a vocal one. I give all my appreciation for the selection of Romanian movies, but I feel that we need more. We need events which target Romanian expats, because I feel that the Romanian community here in Luxembourg is as big as the Polish one or Czech or other Eastern European one.
Overall it was a good festival. I can't wait for the one next year!
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